In recent months, there has been a significant amount of inquires to this site requesting that we certify a potential or recent purchase that was made as to the authenticity of its designer and/or manufacturer. It has also become clearly evident that a sizeable percentage of the buyers have been swindled by either misinformed sellers or deliberately swindled by dealers who use terms such as in the era of Adrian Pearsall and other generic descriptions that would lead a novice buyer to believe he has purchased an authentic piece designed by Adrian Pearsall.


Recently, a firm based in Chicago called the Swanky Abode ( has launched a website called As most of our readers are aware, Craft Associates, Inc. was my father‚Äôs Company. We do not believe that the Swanky Abode has any right to the use of my Father‚Äôs name or his company and we are actively pursuing a legal action. 

 The Swanky Abode or are not authorized sellers or dealers of Adrian Pearsall designs.


We are aware that in addition to flagrant violation of trademark and copyright violations, there are other unscrupulous dealers who wish to capitalize on Adrian Pearsall's name and his designs, preying on those who don't have the full knowledge available to make an informed decision about purchasing an authentic piece in today's BUYER BEWARE marketplace. Hence, our Certification Program.



The certification program was designed to have a two-fold purpose. To protect legitimate and honest dealers who want to provide their buyers with the peace of mind that the furniture they are selling is authentic, they can submit photos and any other supporting documentation to us for our review. We will research extensively through our complete catalog resource. In addition, Pearsall family members have worked in the industry with their father and are well versed in his design and production. A certificate issued with catalog documentation and signed by them is assurance that the piece being offered is authentic.


Buyers may submit pictures as well, prior to purchase to ask for identification assuring them of authenticity. This will be done by providing the buyer with a copy of a catalog sheet from one of our original catalogs and a letter stating it's authenticity. There is a $50 fee for submissions, and of course there is no guarantee that what is submitted will be identified as authentic.

Any questions about the certification program or to make a submission, please contact Adrian James Pearsall at